WELL I’M BACK LORD….What now??

Well here we are back in Calgary, trying to make sense of what direction our new normal  will look like.  It’s overwhelming to know where to start as we dig through the mountain of unknowns for our future.

God has been teaching us daily how to overcome our fear with our faith.  It’s so easy to get caught up in all of the unknowns and if allowed, the enemy would use that to instil doubts and false expectations so that we might wander off the plan God has for us.

I recently heard an acronym for fear that resonated so deeply.  FEAR=False Expectations Appearing Real.

Isn’t that the truth… the enemy uses the unknown outcomes of our circumstances to set us to doubt God’s faithfulness to His children, and rather believe his lies are real.  This IS and HAS always been his tactic to try to draw us away from God.

In the Garden of Eden, how did the serpent tempt Eve, causing her to doubt Gods goodness by having her believe the lies that God was withholding something better.  God doesn’t withhold what’s better for us, He withholds what He knows would eventually hurt us, yet He still gives us free will to choose.  It is because of our battle for independence rather than dependance that we leave this door open for the enemy to enter in.

Journal Entry #11

“Always be joyful and never stop praying. Whatever happens, keep thanking God because of Jesus Christ. This is what God wants you to do. Don’t turn away from Gods Spirit or ignore prophesies. Put everything to the test.  Accept what is good and don’t have anything to do with evil.  I pray that God who gives peace, will make you completely holy.  And may your spirit, soul and body be kept healthy and faultless until our Lord Jesus Christ returns. The One who chose you can be trusted and He will do this.”  I Thess 5: 16-24. CEV

Heavenly Father,

Thank you Lord for your wonderful Word.  Thank you that through it, you still speak to us – teach us – and correct us.  Thank you that through your Spirit we receive truth and understanding.  

Help me Jesus to always be Joyful, to anticipate the wonderful things You have for me.  Even when I am suffering or struggling with unknowns, help me to be joyful in You.  

Thank you Lord, that You hear every prayer I utter and when I am unable to pray, you’ve promised that Your Spirit actually prays for me.  Remind me to talk to You about ALL things in my life, not to just focus on the difficulties, but also the joys and even the mundane everyday moments in between.  

Draw me close to you as I pray, so that we can build a beautiful intimacy together Lord.  I do not know what my immediate future holds.  I know my hopes and dreams, but I cannot know Your plans, yet I thank you knowing that You are in this with us. 

Thank you that I can trust that Your plans are always better than mine, and even though I cannot always make sense of them while I’m in the midst of my “between here and there” times.  I chose to trust you and thank you for what you are accomplishing in me.  

Lord, Your word says that when you left this world you sent your Spirit as our helper.  Forgive me when I don’t follow your Spirit or even acknowledge His existence in my life.  

Draw me to You Father, and teach me through your Word of truth.  Protect me from the lies of the enemy, who would try to confuse and cause me to turn away following my own path.  

Thank you for the prophetic words you have given us in the Bible, showing us what’s yet to come.  Help me Lord, as I study prophecy to always test it to sound scriptural doctrine.  The enemy also chooses to use prophecy & poetic words to try and steal us away from you, so I trust in Your Word and Your guidance Father.  

Keep my eyes open to those who would deceive or mislead me Lord and help me to stay firm in Your teaching.  Protect me I pray, from the evil one and the temptations & distractions he offers me.  

I pray Lord for the peace that can only come through you.  The type of peace that tells me I am staying on your path and warns me if I’m about to step off.  Continue teach me your ways and changing me from the inside out, so that I will be growing towards your standard of holiness rather than the worlds.  

I pray also for that inner peace that gives freedom from anxiety in my day to day troubles, and keep my entire body strong and healthy for you that I might serve you in the best of my ability, so that upon your return I would be able to stand before you knowing I have done all I could to honour you well and Love others well.  Thank you Lord for grace, and forgiveness when I fail.   Thank you that it is only through your Spirit that I can grow in this way.  

The signs are showing of your return, and I pray I may stand faultless before you at that time.  I trust in your Word Lord, as it has proven true & trustworthy.  I trust in You Lord for you are truth.                                                     In Jesus name ❤️ Amen


My Final Thoughts & Encouragement:

Do you, like me, tend to let fear of the unknown derail you? Are you so fixated upon the tomorrows that you can’t see God in the today’s?  I would encourage you to stop – take a couple of deep breaths in and out.  Breath in deeply saying “More of Jesus” and breath out slowly saying “Less of Me”.  This is a remarkably simple tool to refocus your mind on the moment and refrain your thoughts to bring Jesus into it.  Do this 3-5 times and I guarantee you will recognize fear of the unknown for what it actually is;  False Expectations Appearing Real.

In reality none of us know what our tomorrow holds and this is why Jesus told us to not worry about tomorrow, as tomorrow will have enough troubles of its own, don’t borrow tomorrows troubles for today.  I urge you to stay in the present and stop jumping ahead of Jesus and the plans He has for you.  Remember that His plans are to give us a hope and a future.  Trust the One that is Trustworthy for He Loves you more than you can possibly imagine and He has incredible things planned for you that He is working out… even in the midst of our difficulties.

Blessings, Janet❤️. Journey4Jesus

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One Comment on “WELL I’M BACK LORD….What now??

  1. I love the acronym. And the exercise. Fear is easy to grasp and very cold comfort. Our comfort and warmth is devotion to your Word Thankyou 🙏🏼

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