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I don’t have a cross…Do I ?

The funny thing about surrendering, is that it’s so easy to grab those surrendered things back.  Choosing to pick up my cross has had to become a daily habit, daily surrendering the things of this life to the Lord and making the tough choices to follow Him, even when its not comfortable or easy.

Somewhere between then and there…

When I first wrote this Journal entry and prayer below, it was 2 years ago and we were facing a seemingly unsurmountable mountain.  Everything around us seemed to be disappearing, and we struggled to hold onto our hope for any type of reprieve.  All… Continue Reading “Somewhere between then and there…”


I have to be honest here, lately I have been in a pit and feeling pretty sorry for myself.  What I have come to learn is that the more you get comfortable in the pity party pit, the quicker you start to believe the… Continue Reading “EVERYTHING’S GOOD IF IT’S GOOD FOR ME…right God?”

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