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I don’t have a cross…Do I ?

The funny thing about surrendering, is that it’s so easy to grab those surrendered things back.  Choosing to pick up my cross has had to become a daily habit, daily surrendering the things of this life to the Lord and making the tough choices to follow Him, even when its not comfortable or easy.

For such a time as this…

Maybe, you think you have done too many wrongs… no way they could be made right.  Another lie.  God pulled me out of the pit of terrible choices.  The pit of my own making that had no ladder out… but He reached down and rescued me from myself…


How do YOU say I should live? Ever since we got home, I feel like the Bible is newly alive for me.  Words that I have read  before are now speaking directly into my heart.  It’s like God has stripped away the blinders so… Continue Reading “TEACH ME LORD…”

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