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Was I really created for a purpose? Welcome to Throwback Thursday, please don’t run away just because this post is a repeat.  As I re-read the words the Lord gave me and the lessons He taught me, I once again sensed His incredible purpose… Continue Reading “YOU KNEW ME LORD?”

SO MANY QUESTIONS LORD… Show me the answers.

When I originally wrote todays journal entry, it was a year ago at the end of January and we were literally watching our life fall apart, unable to stop the impending implosion.  As I start writing today for this Blog I can’t help but… Continue Reading “SO MANY QUESTIONS LORD… Show me the answers.”


How exactly am I supposed to do that? Yesterday we returned home from our vacation in Mexico.  This is the same vacation I mentioned in ‘why a Blog’  ( see my HOME page) , Jesus has changed the desires of my heart to seek… Continue Reading “LIVING FOR CHRIST…”

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