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Life According to Him or the Gospel according to me?

I was caught up in the place of building a business…my personal wealth. Enabling family…maybe they would see how much we love them if we do this….trying to buy happiness, which was always temporal and fleeting.  I was always left with this nagging feeling of being incomplete…unsettled. 

Somewhere between then and there…

When I first wrote this Journal entry and prayer below, it was 2 years ago and we were facing a seemingly unsurmountable mountain.  Everything around us seemed to be disappearing, and we struggled to hold onto our hope for any type of reprieve.  All… Continue Reading “Somewhere between then and there…”


How is that possible… Have you seen my life?? Today is our last day on what I suspect will be our last vacation for a very very long time.  I look out at the ocean waves breaking in the distance and I can’t help… Continue Reading “DON’T WORRY ABOUT ANYTHING….”

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