How is that possible… Have you seen my life??

Today is our last day on what I suspect will be our last vacation for a very very long time.  I look out at the ocean waves breaking in the distance and I can’t help but see the contrast between the area inside the lagoon, and outside the the ocean berms created to protect the lagoon and keep the large waves and dangerous sea life out.

My mind begins to focus on the waves crashing in the distance, tumbling and turning ferociously… I see this as what awaits me when I return home tomorrow.  How will I stay afloat in those waves?  will I be able to catch my breath?  I quickly feel the anxiety start to rise within me.

Suddenly, my eyes shift focus onto the beautiful calm lagoon area, that we have spent so many hours in.  Relaxing and cooling down from the Mexican heat.  It has been such an oasis of refreshment, both physically and Spiritually.

I feel the anxiety lesson as my heart and mind soak in the beauty before me.  Suddenly, I sense a tug in my Spirit, reminding me that this refreshment I was receiving would not remain behind in Mexico when I left.  This refreshment was actually the presence of the Holy Spirit living in me… promising me that I was not alone… that He would be with me both in the calm days and the storms ahead.  Thank you Jesus.

As I settled down to spend much needed time with the Lord, I opened the Bible to Philippians 4:  and the words “Don’t worry about anything” almost knocked me off my lounge chair.  Is this even possible?  I quickly prayed in my Spirit, “Lord how do I do this?” and just as quickly I was reminded of a verse I had recently read.

Pray to me in times of trouble, I will rescue you, and you will honour me.”  Psalm 50:15 CEV

Armed with this promise, I decided to continue reading in Philippians and trust that God was leading me down this path for a reason… I had to be willing to trust Him.

Journal Entry: #9

“Don’t worry about anything, but pray about everything.  With thankful hearts offer up your prayers and requests to God.  Then, because you belong to Christ Jesus, God will bless you with peace that no one can completely understand.  And this peace will control the way you think and feel.”  Philippians 4: 6-7 CEV

Philippians 4:67 reads so beautifully this way…

Lord Jesus,

You know my heart as I face the last day, safely hidden away from the reality of what’s coming.  I feel torn between two worlds.  This place I’ve been spending time focused onto you and your word, seeking your direction, and breathing in your spirit as I rested in your amazing creation. 

Its so easy to feel your presence everywhere in this place.  I recognize that it’s not that you are more present here than you are at home, but I just feel so much closer.  I’m starting to see that it’s not you that disappears, but it is me… in my busyness of day to day life, my eyes become dim and clouded.   

Your creation is so beautiful and such a gift, so calm and peaceful.   Yet I also know that this same creation can instantly become hostile and frightening when the weather turns fierce and a storm blows in.  That Lord Jesus, becomes the second world, the unknown one that awaits us at home.  

Lord, I am so thankful for your Word that instructs us how we are to move forward when we feel caught in this place of uncertainty.  You tell us to be ‘thankful’ for All of your provision, to look back and recognize All that you have done in the past and praise you for your faithfulness. 

I know Lord that when I am praising you for all you have done for me during my lifetime…  it is Impossible to worry.  Praise and Thankfulness fills me with peace that passes all of my ability to understand.  Thank you Father, for this gift.  

Lord Jesus, I pray for divine unity between Mike and myself as we move forward together into what you would have for us.  I pray for your Spirit to direct our steps and our thoughts.  Remind us Lord of who you created us to be and how you would have us live our lives for you.  

You have shown us that the life we’ve been living is not the one you had planned for us.  Forgive us Father for rushing ahead with our plans without seeking wisdom from you.  We know we need to start over and rebuild our lives… Help us to Live for You, rather than for ourselves.  

Lord God, we have no idea how we are going to overcome the giants that are looming at home, but we trust in you.  You have always proven faithful and as your child, I know and trust fully in your amazing love for us.  

Open the doors you would have us go through, and Close the doors you would not.  Teach us to obey your ways so that we can become All that you would have us become… We chose today to follow your path, the road less travelled. 

In Jesus name ❤️ Amen


My final thoughts and encouragement…

Do you find yourself in a situation where worry and anxiety are your constant companions?  Do you feel like you too are crashing around in the waves and afraid you won’t be able to get your next breath.   I would challenge you to open God’s word for yourself, soak in all the verses of his Love for you and His ability to provide for All of your needs.  Spend time in prayer, He truly wants to hear from you and He knows what you’re going through.  Trust that He will work things out for your good according to His plan.  And here’s the toughest but most important part… Trust that His plans are always better than ours…

Blessings,  Janet❤️. Journey4Jesus

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