Where did this mud & mire come from?

You know that feeling, when you’re standing on the beach and the surf is coming in and pushing out. The way your feet sink into the wet sand and your stability momentarily wobbles? This is how I found myself today, I literally felt like I was walking one step forward and two back.

Maybe it was the frustration of getting around with a broken toe, as every step was painful and everything was a long way away. Yet, I felt like it was something more, it was like this broken toe was maybe meant to teach me something more… I’m going to be honest here, it really sucked.

Regardless, I decided to dig in and pay attention to what God might being saying to me. I tried to focus on the book I was reading, but my mind kept jumping back between; where I currently was ( this beautiful vacation) and where we would soon be (home…filled with pits of mud & mire). I realized that I was once again losing my focus, I was looking at the looming problems rather than making the choice to trust in Jesus.

It truly is a choice, we may not feel like it, but if we choose to go against our natural feelings and allow ourselves to trust in the One True God and His plan for our lives, He WILL come through in ways its impossible to imagine. I promise, it may be difficult to see while in the midst of the struggles, but once you can look back you will see much more clearly. Trust in the giver of Life to sustain you, He WILL keep you on solid ground.

Journal Entry #7

I patiently waited, Lord for you to hear my prayers. You listened and pulled me out of a lonely pit full of mud and mire. You let me stand on a rock, my feet firm, and You gave me a new song. A song of praise for you. Many will see this and they will honour and trust you, the Lord God. Psalm 40:1-3 CEV

Heavenly Father,

Thank you for Your Word. Your Word Still speaks, corrects and teaches if our hearts are humble and open to learn. These verses from David are my prayer Lord. I feel I am standing on very shaky ground, and that I could sink at any time. Yet, I trust in you Lord.

I know you will hear my prayers and place us once again on a firm foundation. I believe that this foundation is actually You, and I believe that you will give me a new purpose and a new song of your choosing. I pray that it will draw many people to trust in you Jesus.

Thank you for this hope that I can have in you Lord. Thank you that although I now only see in part, in your timing I will see in full.

I choose to Trust in you today Heavenly Father, you are the creator and sustainer of Life. You knew me and your plans for me before I was even born… Its time I start learning to live within Your plans for me Lord rather than seeking my will.

In Jesus name❤️Amen

My Final thoughts and encouragement…

Does your foundation feel extra shaky today? Do you feel that there is no security and you may soon be free-falling? Let me assure you that God has you in the palm of His hand.

We are often a stubborn lot, refusing to let hold of the reigns and submit our situation fully to Him. He already knows the plans He has for you… and they are sooo good. Would you trust Him today with your situation… would you trust Him to be your strength and to set your feet upon a firm foundation?

He is Faithful and Just and He so desperately wants you to surrender to Him… He’s actually much better at this thing called life than we are… advantage of being the One who created us, we best let Him lead the way…

Blessings, Janet ❤️

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{ If this benefited you in any way, I’d love to hear from you and I would be thrilled if you would share or invite more people to be encouraged. }


  1. Isn’t it amazing that God has – and gives us – the words we need at any given point in our journey??!! How I needed to read the words of Psalm 40:1-3 you shared in this post. THANK YOU!

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    • I never cease to be amazed at the ways God works. My prayer is always that He would intersect these posts with the people that need a touch from Him. Glory to God ♥️🙏🏼


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