LORD, WHAT IS TRUTH? … Does it still exist?

Where We’ve Been…

If you’ve been tracking with me for awhile now, you will know that we were living in a season of massive change in our lives.  Our business could no longer sustain itself and the four adults trying to live off its revenues.  We had fallen further and further into debt, hoping and praying we would just get over the next hump, when God finally made it very clear to us… He was not going to take us out of the hardships as we had hoped, we would have to learn how to hold onto Him as we traversed through them. 

At this time, three and a half years ago, I was struggling to keep my feet on solid ground, the pit kept feeling like it was slipping farther and farther down, dragging me with it.  The enemy was my constant companion as he tormented me with doubt and fear, and if our business situation wasn’t bad enough, he used personal attacks within my family and friends that would try to tear me down to the worlds standards in my faith. 

The world was no longer accepting absolutes about anything, black and white had just become muted shades of grey, and if I didn’t accept the status quo I was hostile and Intolerant… what kind of a Christian was I?

How were we as believers called to live in times like these?  What was the Church standing on, and where their truths still absolute? Sadly, as I watched our world in turmoil, I saw more and more Christians and Churches choosing to water down the Scriptures.  The Gospel of grace was also becoming the gospel of Inclusion and tolerance, and those of us who believed the Bible to be absolute Truth were now considered not only unloving but hateful.  How was one to come to terms with these so called new norms, and how can we live in this world be not be of it? 

Journal Entry: 

Feb, 2018

16 These people grumble and complain and live by their own selfish desires. They brag about themselves and flatter others to get what they want.

More Warnings

Heavenly Father,

Thank you Lord for Your Word.  Thank you that you have provided it to us to teach us wisdom and discernment, as well as calls of warning that we are to pay attention to.  Your Word teaches us that You will return to earth in the end times and You will bring judgement to those who reject You.

Lord God, my heart breaks as I hear all the people today mocking you, using Your name in vain and blaming you for the calamities of this world, even calling you narcissistic and evil as they listen to the lies of the enemy. 

This world also mocks us, Your children Lord, for placing our trust and faith in You.  They call good evil and evil good. This world has maligned You so badly that all that matters to them is “self”…what’s good for them… how things affect others has no bearing. 

Lord God, this false gospel of self has even crept into Your Churches, watering down the Scriptures so that they can continue living within their selfish desires.  Forgive me Lord, if I have even watered down a single thing in order to justify my ways.   Teach me Lord, through Your Holy Spirit, to discern Your Truths taught to us through Your Word.

Thank You for Your promised gift of Eternal Life.  Thank You for saving me from the natural desires and sinfulness of this world.  Continue teaching me how to live IN this world but NOT part of it.  Thank You for redeeming me from my sinfulness and creating in me a desire to know You better. 

Lord Jesus, give me eyes to see those of Your children who are doubting their faith and feeling lost, give me words to say by Your Spirit that would redirect them back to Your path and Your voice… protect them from the onslaught of the enemy in these times. 

Help me to show mercy and love to the unbelievers, that they might see you in me through my actions, I pray this especially for those within my family and sphere of influence Lord, draw them to You I pray. 

Protect me Lord from the attacks of the enemy, who would use them and their bondage to sin to pull me away from You.  Help me to Love the sinner and still hate the sin, this world tells us that in order to love the sinner we must also accept their sin… This is not in line with Your Truth Lord,  teach me how to Love like Jesus loved, as these are Your dearly loved children and You desire every one of them to come to You. 

All Glory to God for saving me, a sinner who was lost but now has been found.  Who took the filthy rags of my life and exchanged them for a life lived for You and Your glory.  Thank you for completely wiping my sins away, so that I can come before You pure and clean.  

You Father, are worthy of All our praise from before time began through to eternity.  Continue to use me Lord, for Your Glory and my growth.

In Jesus Name ❤️ Amen.

Where we Are…

As I read through this journal entry I am once again amazed at how God can speak through different situations in our past in one way, yet show us something even deeper down the road.  Here we are mid-way through 2021, we have been living with a world of lock downs, masking and social distancing.  Businesses are shut down, many of them to never re-open.  I can empathize with their distress and fears… as I lived through these losses as well. Thank you Lord that I can be an ear to listen when needed.

The division in our world is even driving a stake between families and friends.  Thoughts and understanding  on everyday issues have become so totally polarized that its becoming increasingly difficult to have debate, discussions or disagreements anymore.  Anyone not on the same page is wrong, they are either selfish or foolish depending which camp you are part of, and should therefore not be tolerated. 

As I read through this passage above from Jude, I could see it once again in an entirely new light.  He writes that these people who make fun of God, would eventually turn us against each other as well.  This is happening like never before.  Those whose only interests are ‘self’, will promote themselves so much and do whatever it takes to get what they want.  

So how do we as saved Children of God, navigate a world like the one we find ourselves in today?  A world where evil is accepted as good, and good is seen as evil, is fraught with minefields for Christians trying to stand true to their faith.  

How we do this, is to get into the Word… The whole Word… The absolute truthful, Inspired Word of God.  This is the only Truth we can trust or stand on, as everything else is sinking sand. In our world today, we need Gods Truth more than ever.  Just as the passage in Jude tells us how to respond… how to love others… and how to keep ourselves safe.  

2 Timothy 3:16-17 leave us with these important reminders; All Scripture is inspired by God and is useful to teach us what is true and to make us realize what is wrong in our lives. It corrects us when we are wrong and teaches us to do what is right. 17 God uses it to prepare and equip his people to do every good work.

My Final Thoughts & Encouragement:

Where do you find yourself in this upside down world my friend? Are you facing divisions within your family & friends? Are you being pressured to ‘water down’ the scriptures so as to justify the things this world teaches as right and good?  Is the enemy throwing more at you than you can handle? 

If so, I would encourage you to step back… breath deeply… and seek Gods way in the Scriptures.  

As I sank into my pit those three and a half years ago, the only solid foundation I could hold onto was the Word of God.  I asked the Lord to teach me His Truths, to help me understand how deep, how high and how wide his Love for me was.  

Even when it was hard, He gave me strength to persevere, He gave me a rekindled Love for His Word and it started to fuel a fire within me.  I am so thankful today for those dark and difficult days, because it was then I experienced His Love and tender mercies the most.  

When I felt the most unlovable… He would remind me that He knew me before I was even born. 

When I felt the pain of accusations for standing true to His Word… He would whisper to me that He was standing with me.

When I didn’t understand… He revealed knowledge to me and taught me to discern based on what His Word was saying to me. 

Friends, this world is dying and our time is short.  I believe we are living in those last days that Judah was warning us about, so I encourage you to ‘Armour up’ and take that only offensive weapon God gave us, which is the Word of God, and stand firm together as beloved Children of God, saved by grace through the shed blood of Jesus Christ.  

Hallelujah, the Lord is coming back.

Blessings, Janet ❤️

Do you know Jesus? 

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