Where we were…

Welcome to Throwback Thursday. I strongly believe that the lessons we learn in life continue to grow, much like a ripple in the water. At first all we see is the entry point of the stone that was tossed, but as we wait we see that ripple grow wider and wider.

Life is like that , we think we have learned our lessons but when we look back again we see the effect of the growth and more often than not, with time on our side, we also see the outcome of those troublesome situations.

Jump back with me to January of 2017, our business and consequently our financial life was in a mess: we were on a vacation that we had booked and paid for months earlier, but in all reality could no longer afford to be on. Yet in this time of apparent dichotomies, we were given the gift of time to quiet our hearts and seek Gods face. We had no idea what was in our future, and the only word that kept coming to my mind was …Surrender.

Why do things feel hopeless?

Here I am, the day after breaking my toe. I was feeling pretty optimistic yesterday that things would continue moving forward albeit at a much slower pace, then reality kicked in. My toe really was broken… very swollen, black & blue, and extremely difficult to walk.

But it wasn’t just the toe that was making me feel helpless, I looked into what I could make of our future and suddenly everything seemed bleak. Sure, we were escaping our reality at the moment, but what was going to happen when we got home. Round and round inside my head the thoughts swirled, until I was so entangled in stress and fear, that hopelessness settled in.

God in His faithfulness met me there, It shouldn’t surprise me, but He always shows up exactly when I need Him most. He showed me that it is when we are down that’s when the enemy likes to give us an extra hard kick. Verses. 3-4 said it so perfectly; For the enemy has persecuted my soul; He has crushed my life to the ground; He as made me dwell in darkness, Like those who have long been dead. Therefore my spirit is overwhelmed within me; My heart within me is distressed.”

I realized that I had a choice to could make, I could stay wallowing in the pit I was creating or I could heed His word. “Revive me, O Lord, for Your name’s sake! For Your righteousness’ sake bring my soul out of trouble.” Psalm 143:11. I opened my eyes and once again I could see the beauty that was surrounding me… Thank you Jesus for new perspectives.

Journal Entry #6

Please hurry Lord, and answer my prayers. I feel hopeless. Don’t turn away and leave me here to die. Each morning let me learn more about your love because I trust you. I come to you in prayer, asking for your guidance. Psalm 143: 7-8

Lord Jesus,

Thank you! Thank you that even though I don’t see your answers, I trust in you and trust in your plans. I may be lost and confused right now, but in your time, according to your mercies I will one day see clearly. Thank you for the senses you have placed within me; to see you in the waves, to feel you in the winds, to smell your presence in the salty air.

Thank you Jesus for the gift of this trip, thank you for providing a way for me to draw close to you. Help me Lord when I get home to continue this discipline of time. Help me not to return to putting self before you. I pray that your Spirit would call to me daily and that I will hear and come to You. your word says, that the sheep hear your voice and come to you when you call”, thank you Jesus.

Open my heart to what you would have me learn today Lord, teach me your ways and give guidance and wisdom to us for our future. Continue to give us rest, rejuvenation and healing to our souls as our vacation winds down. I pray that You would be glorified through us Jesus. Help us to Love others as you would, help us to not judge and give us eyes to see when others are in need.

In Jesus name❤️ Amen

Where we are

Jump ahead to August 2021 and let me share the some of the life-lessons those ripples created for me… In my Christian immaturity, I used to think that Psalm 23 was just about death, and I always found it depressing. Yet, it is often the Truths within these passages, that the Lord uses to eventually open my eyes.

I have since come to learn that Psalm 23 is one of the MOST encouraging passages in the Scriptures, when you read it with eyes wide open. For myself difficult circumstances tend to open my eyes to look deeper into the Scriptures and try to understand more.

vs.1 “The Lord is my Shepard I have ALL that I NEED” ( maybe not all that I want but definitely all that I need, time would teach us needs vs. wants in our own life) vs.2 & 3 “He lets me rest and leads me according to His direction” (rather than ours, Remember friends… His ways are always better than ours), and “He renews my strength” (when life is hard, we don’t feel very strong, this is a promise worth hanging onto) vs. 4 “Even when I walk through the DARKEST VALLEY, ( those places we can’t even imagine yet eventually find ourselves there) “He is close beside me” (we are never travelling alone…His promise) vs.5 “He will prepare a feast in the midst of our enemies” ( I never could truly understand this verse until very recently, when He reminded me that we will always have troubles, and the enemy is always stalking and ready to pounce… yet right there in the midst of all of this, He will sit at the table with us and nourish us so we do not need to be afraid)… Thank you Jesus!!

My final thoughts and encouragement…

Do you find yourself at a this point in life: feeling like the enemy has kicked you in the gut? Do you feel like curling up in a ball and sinking into the pit that promises to take it all away… yet deep inside you know its a lie from the pit of hell?

Let me encourage you my friends, to recognize the enemies tactics… he is stalking you, waiting to pounce on you in your moment of weakness, and this is the exact moments that the lies will start. Those familiar lies… “did God really say that?”... “you know you’re not strong enough for this”…. “you’re so tired, just give up”. Pull out your Bible and open it up to Psalm 23 … read the promises that are filled within this passage, and by the sword of the Spirit, which is the Word of God… reclaim these promises for yourself and send the enemy packing. I can promise you that the Lord wants to sit at the table with you and fill you with nourishment, He has plans for you that are far beyond what you can think or imagine right now.

I have learned to Surrender the things of this world to the Lord, not to hold onto things too tightly as these things may not be part of His plan for us… He has brought us 10 hours North for what we thought was a year (now extended minimum 2 more). He has faithfully provided for our EVERY need, and opened new doors in our lives to serve Him… as I said, His paths are better than ours and we are so very grateful.

Blessings, Janet ❤️

Do You know Jesus? If not I encourage you to click the link and discover who He is for your life…


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  1. Very timely. 💛 Hopelessness is part of our isolation. We need to go to the Word. Every time I’ve been in a hopeless situation I’ve wallowed there. until I focused on the Psalms and the victory We need to be reminded. We are never alone

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    • Yes, its very easy to lose our focus and see only the giants in front of us, rather than the God above us❤️


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