How do we mend the shattered pieces?

What are you feeling as you watch the news, as you view on social media the incredible hatred within our world?  As you see videos of the last moments of mans life shared and shared over and over again.

Then you see the next wave of hatred as riots begin and fires are lit… fueling the flames of anger and fear.  What does your heart feel as you witness this unfolding before your very eyes?

My heart breaks!  It cries out at the injustices of our world.  I see those that would use these times to incite violence for their own means and purposes, jumping on the fear that is already so prevalent.  Those that would loot & burn stores are not there to make a difference and change the story, they are there for personal gain and greed… another wrong does not correct a wrong.

I hate what that officer did, he committed a horrible crime and in that did an incredible disservice to his uniform and those that choose to serve for justice towards All mankind.. yes, those are out there too.   Yet, my heart breaks for his family that will be watching and grieving in silence… these men were someones;  sons, fathers, husbands, or brothers.  The circle of pain continues to grow… where does it stop?

What can you and I do in the midst of this hurting and broken world?  I believe we can each do our part.. to make our difference… to love indiscriminately.  We cannot change everything, hatred and injustice will continue until Jesus comes again and makes things right in our broken world… He is coming ( hopefully soon).

When He returns, He will bring wholeness, peace and life into this parched and broken world.  He will do what only He can do, as the curses of this world are finally put to death and He takes His throne. Come Lord Jesus… Come


Special Journal Entry: (George Floyd RIP)


Lord Jesus,

Thank you for your Word, your Word brings comfort when it appears the world is falling apart.  Thank you Lord that we can hold onto every word and every promise as True.  Thank you that You are constantly doing something new, that You are at work even when we can not see it. 

Your Word tells us that You will make a pathway through the wilderness.  Lord God we need a pathway as we see riots and racial divide ramping up across our world.  As we hear of people being killed simply because of the colour of their skin, we need a pathway forward, we need a river in this desert. 

Thank you Lord, that we are ALL created in Your Image, that we have all been designed by You for Your glory and purpose… there is no glory for You in what’s happening Lord.  Forgive those that don’t see what they are doing.  Forgive those that have boughten into the very lies of the enemy himself.  

As well, I pray for healing to those who have been on the receiving end of this racial divide for far too long Lord.  For the hurts and injustices that have been done to them because of their skin colour.  I understand how resentment would grow in this type of soil, I pray for healing Lord…healing that can only come through Your Grace and Your Strength.  

I pray You would open ALL of our eyes Lord, to see past our differences, and see the gift that we each are and can be to the world.  Thank you Lord that you didn’t make everyone the same, thank you for cultures and colours and differences that make each of us unique.  Open our eyes Lord, to see what You see… You created so much beauty, and sadly, the enemy has thwarted and perverted this to insight hatred, discrimination and violence.

I can only imagine how this must break Your heart Father, how You must grieve when You see your children fighting each other in this way.  Thank you Lord, for all those that don’t believe the lies, for those who would stand up together arm in arm to show love and give grace as You have done for us.  

Thank you Lord, that we can pray, that we can grow and that we can trust in what your Word tells us.  Thank you that You are going to do something new.  Maybe it’s starting today, we know for sure it will be in the future.  Thank you that You will make a way in the wilderness of our world, that You will bring refreshment and life where currently there is dryness and death.  In Jesus name ❤️ Amen

My Final Thoughts & Encouragement:

Maybe you’re like me,  watching all that is happening in our world right now, as it seems to be accelerating into chaos:  We have Covid 19… what is up with that?  Is this really our new normal? We have racially induced violence reminiscent of the civil rights movement 50 years ago…replaying itself before our very eyes.

How are we to live in a world seemingly gone mad?  As always, I believe the answer to this is found in Gods Word. Love the Lord your God with all your heart, soul, and mind. / This is the first and most important commandment.The second most important commandment is like this one. And it is, “Love others as much as you love yourself.”   Matthew 22: 37-39 CEV

Friends, if we can do these two things well, we can do well in the world.  In doing these things we WILL be the difference makers… we can’t all do everything, but we can all do something.   If you don’t know Jesus as your personal saviour… its time to meet him, He’s waiting for you.  If you’ve allowed stuff to get in the way of your relationship with Him… break away and come deeper.  Ask Him to help you Love as He Loves… He will.

Let’s make a difference in this broken messy world.  Let Love win!!

Blessings, Janet❤️. Journey4Jesus

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3 Comments on “BROKEN NO MORE…

  1. Janet, I truly enjoy reading your Journey4Jesus blog. I keep all of them. You and I think so much alike so much of the time!! I loved that you wrote “Come Lord Jesus… Come”!! It is my constant prayer! And I quickly follow it up with “please save my husband first”!! 🙂


    • I’m so happy that you enjoy them Connie. I will join you in praying for your husband ( I have unsaved Loved ones so I understand that heartfelt desire) ♥️🙏🏼


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